For more than 25 years IMAS has supported retail chains and shopping mall operators with information and solutions for the optimization of their procedures and their yields. IMAS delivers sensor-hardware, analysis- and visualization-software, consultancy, installation and maintenance… all from one hand.

IMAS has its own developer who continuously keeps the hardware and software up-to-date, develops new products and implements individual customer preferences.

With the intragroup firm Publicount, IMAS is highly innovative in sensor technology and delivers as the only provider of radar counting sensors. The latest intragroup innovation is the staff exclusion.

Even the integration of sensors that are not invented by PUBLICOUNT are always expedited, because IMAS has always offered the best devices for every application. The analysis- and visualization-software XPERIO has a web interface which is easy to use from every browser and delivers your requested results and reporting in a clear way.

IMAS offers individual solutions without long-term contract commitments.


  • All Market-based counting sensors are optimized for every measurement.
  • IMAS is the sole provider of radar sensor counting technology and staff exclusion.
  • Free choice to locate the server, at the customer’s location or in the IMAS Cloud (Servers are located regionally)
  • Development, installation, consulting and maintenance services is all from one hand.
  • IMAS offers assembling and service worldwide.
  • Buying or rental options for sensors and interpretation data.
  • No Long-Term contract commitment.


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